Are all items guaranteed authentic?

YES! Every item is signed in person by Valerie “$oCalVal” Wyndham. Lip printing an item with a kiss by Valerie is also possible and is only done by her. Additionally, each and every outfit you see in the photos has indeed been worn by Valerie as noted.

Can Valerie write a special message for me on an item I purchased?

YES! However please keep the message in respectful guidelines. Valerie does not write any lewd words, curse words or messages of an overtly sexual nature.

Can you put an item on hold for me?

YES! If you give us a general idea of when you are able to make a payment we can put a brief hold on the item (up to two weeks) to ensure it is not sold to anyone else. However we have the right to refuse this to any customer. IE: Those who have shown in the past that they do not make payments in a timely manner.

What sort of conversations/topics are off limits in a chat with Valerie?

A chat with Valerie is fun, flirty experience for those getting to know her. However if you are interested in role playing, overtly sexual topics, private information etc. this is not the chat for you. We ask that all chat participants treat Valerie as a lady and show her the proper respect. Such behavior will result in your chat being ended immediately. So keep it clean, have fun and enjoy the one on one interaction with The Princess of Pro Wrestling!

Can I have Valerie’s personal contact information?

Other than email, most of the members of Valerie’s web team are not privy to this kind of information, nor would we be at liberty to discuss it. Please respect Valerie’s privacy. To get in touch with her by email about bookings you can use the contact page here.

Have a question that was not answered here?

Not a problem! Contact us.

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