The standard pricing varies for 20 sexy photos of Valerie! You can choose to have your 20 photos printed in 4X6 prints and mailed to you, autographed/lip printed or not, OR put on a Photo CD and mailed to you, OR, for higher quality images we can email them to you!

If you are interested in buying less photos for less money, or you want MORE photos (at a slightly higher price) we can accomodate you! This is YOUR private photo shoot. (Remember, Val prefers to be paid through Paypal, but she sometimes accepts payment in the form of gifts from her wishlist.)

You can even PICK VALs OUTFIT!

We will work with you to make sure you’re satisfied with the outfit chosen. Easiest way to search for your own outfit is to browse Ebay or Amazon and send us links of outfits you like as examples so Val can approve them. In fact she has several sexy choices you may like already on her wishlist!

We’ll provide you with her PO box to ship her the outfit you choose. Anything size small (or 34C bra or 6 1/2 shoe if you’re including shoes) should fit perfectly. Anythings accepted as long as it’s not too revealing. Nothing sheer, etc. Basically anything you’ve seen in a photo shoot she’s done in the past is an acceptable style. Solid swimsuits or bra and panty sets are an easy choice. Or should you want to see something from Valeries own closet, we can send you pics of some outfits she has available.

Anything worn by Valerie in these photoshoots is up for sale to you, the buyer, FIRST! This means, should you want to purchase the outfit worn in your photoset, we will work with you on a first bid. Don’t miss out on $oCalVals lowest price to date on custom sexy photos! Taken for your eyes only!!